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Buyer's Inspection

The Pre-Purchase general full home Inspection is a wise step for a Home Buyer as they make one of the largest economical investments in their life. This type of report is essential in order to know the full condition of the Home before completing the purchase. Buying a home is a major decision, so you will want to have as much information as possible about the property and its repair needs before investing in it. During the Buyer’s Inspection, we inspect the home to learn the overall condition, if any hidden defects exist, and to help our clients understand its operation and maintenance needs in order to avoid unexpected costs and disappointment due to not being inspected up front.

(All Prices listed for Full Home Inspections include a complimentary

4-Point and Wind Mitigation Report to assist in

competitive home insurance options)

1,500 and under Sq Ft: $450

1,501 - 1,999 Sq Ft: $500

2,000 - 2,499 Sq Ft: $550

2,500 - 2,999 Sq Ft: $600


3,000 - 3,499 Sq Ft: $650

3,500 - 3,999 Sq Ft: $700

4,000 - 4,499 Sq Ft: $750

4,500 - 4,999 Sq Ft: $800

We would be honored to be of service to you.

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