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How to Clean and Care for Quartz Countertops

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Quartz countertops are very popular for their beautiful aesthetic and durable stone quality. To keep your quartz countertops looking like new, follow these guidelines.

Know Your Quartz: Quartzite vs. Engineered Quartz Slab

Both stone countertops are durable and easy to care for, but Quartzite (like Granite) must be sealed and re-sealed on an annual basis.

Quartzite is a natural stone known for its strength, superior durability and aesthetic. It is harder than granite. Although Quartzite is rock hard, it is also porous. That means it is subject to stains from wine or tomato juice spills. Having a sealant applied annually (in addition to regular cleaning and care) will help prevent stains and keep your countertops looking new.

Engineered Quartz Countertops are produced in a factory combining natural silicon dioxide with other synthetic materials. Engineered Quartz countertops are non-porous, mold and mildew-resistant and impervious to odor-causing bacteria.

How To Clean & Care for Quartz Countertops

  • STAINS: Remember, Quartz countertops are not stain proof. They are stain resistant. Be sure to wipe up spills and especially colored liquids as soon as possible.

  • DAILY CLEANING: Regular cleaning with mild soap or detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. (For daily cleaning, you can simply mix four cups of warm water and one teaspoon dishwashing liquid.) Do not use bleach, vinegar or abrasive products. Rinse and dry.

  • DEEP CLEANING: Tackle deeper cleaning and tough stains/cleanups as needed. (See more detailed information below.)


Remove Tough Stains & Substances

  • For heavy or dried on stains you can use a glass or surface cleaner like Windex. (Use a soft non-abrasive sponge with non-bleach or abrasive chemicals.)

  • To remove gum or sticky residue, you can use a plastic putty knife or scraper with a degreasing cleaner formulated for Quartz countertops. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth immediately thereafter.

  • To remove permanent markers or ink, carefully apply an oil-based cleanser (Goo Gone or other) and then immediately rinse with warm water after the stain is removed.

  • Get rid of heavy grease using a mixture of a commercial degreaser with hot water (follow instructions on product label.) Rinse well by wiping down with a damp soft sponge. Dry with soft cloth.

Make Your Quartz Countertops Shine!

Keep your Quartz countertops in top shape by following the regular cleaning and care guidelines in this article. To protect or refresh the shine, you can use a natural stone cleaner specifically made for your countertops. Read the label carefully. These are formulated to help maintain the integrity and beauty of your specific countertop material and protect the sealant.

Choosing and applying (annually) a stone-specific sealant will protect your Quartz countertops from damage and dulling.

How To Prevent Damage

  • Although Quartz is popular for its scratch resistant quality, it is not immune to damage. We recommend using a cutting board. Do not use sharp knives to cut directly on countertops.

  • Take care to not drop heavy items on your countertops. Quartz is a strong material, but it is possible to chip or crack the stone.

  • We recommend you use hot pads under any of your cooking utensils (skillets, pots, pans, etc). While Quartz is heat resistant up to 300 degrees, the stone can be damaged by excessive heat.

  • Outdoor Quartz countertops can fade in direct sunlight. Protect them with an awning or covering to prevent dulling or damage.

  • Avoid spilling acidic or colored liquids as they can damage the finish (for example: red wine, lemon juice, tomatoes.) Quickly wipe up with a soft wet cloth.

  • Cleaners to avoid Do not use alkaline, bleach (including cleaners with bleach), vinegar or highly acidic cleaners. If they are spilled, clean immediately with a mild non-bleach cleanser, rinse and dry.

  • Apply a sealant annually to keep your countertops in top shape and looking great.

Quartz countertops are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean on a regular basis. By following the advice above for care and deeper cleaning, you will enjoy your Quartz countertops for years to come!

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