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Wind Mitigation Inspection

* Miami-Dade and Broward County Only: $150+

Florida passed a law in 2005 that “ALL” Insurance Companies must offer discounts based upon homeowners taking steps toward wind mitigation on their properties. The basis of this protocol is founded upon the fact that these features that may be present in the home contribute to mitigating (minimizing and/or eliminating) damage to the structure from Hurricane velocity and Tropical Storm winds that frequent the state of Florida. Thus keeping house and home and occupants safe and secure in the event of such occurrences. These discounts are made available to clients through a wind mitigation report. 


Elements such as when a roof was most recently replaced, roof geometry (shape), roof underlayment, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, and opening protections are all areas that can lead you to huge savings when it comes to home owner's insurance. These inspections are not meted out on a pass or fail spectrum, rather it’s about advocating on your behalf the highest degree of savings based on wind mitigation features of the home


Here at Anthem Home Inspections we are committed to going above and beyond in completing a thorough inspection of your property. It is our pleasure to provide you a certified Wind Mitigation Report that gives you the greatest competitive advantage when shopping the insurance market. We offer the finest reports to provide you with highest potential savings possible for your dwelling. 

We would be honored to be of service to you.

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